The national board of Alpha Delta Chi serves as the governing body of the national sorority. It is comprised of women from around the country who serve as board members and advisors to the collegiate chapters.

Executive Board Members

Susan Potter, President
Mary Lynn Macsalka, Vice President
Carrie Moore, Treasurer
Nicole Wedekind, Secretary

Board Members

Casey Chan, New Chapter Liasion
Stephanie Andersen, Communications Chair
Nicole Shard, Convention Chair
Kelli Sholer, Alumni Liasion
Aubrey Daniels, Social Media Chair
Jennifer Rose, Pin Liasion
Rachel Johnson, Early Alum Chair

Chapter Advisors

Juliana Tuttle, Alpha Advisor
Kelli Sholer, Beta Advisor
Alex Gill, Delta Advisor
Kari Yahiro, Epsilon Advisor
Sarah Barnes, Epsilon Jr. Advisor
Jamie Miller, Zeta Advisor
Carrie Moore, Theta Advisor
Valerie Scott, Theta Jr. Advisor
Ana Schlosser, Mu Advisor
Elle Freeman, Mu Jr. Advisor
Katy Green, Pi Advisor
Kirstin Mohelig, Sigma Advisor
Beth Lambert, Tau Advisor
Kristin Grebal, Chi Advisor
Tracie Monfort, Psi Advisor
Kaitlyn Stechmesser, Omega Advisor
Jenna Hall, Omega Jr. Advisor
Tracie Monfort, Alpha Alpha Advisor
Aubrey Daniels, Alpha Alpha Jr. Advisor
Kaitlyn Stechmesser, Alpha Beta Advisor
McKenzie Osborn, Alpha Beta Jr. Advisor

Advisory Board

Linda Campbell
Elisa Morris

Interested in Serving

If you are interested in serving on the Alpha Delta Chi National Board please go to the national board officer inquiry page to find more information and submit your contact information.