Please fill out and submit this questionnaire. It should be submitted twice per semester by each chapters representative no later than the following due dates (periodic reminders will be sent). Early submissions are, of course, accepted!

Chapter Report Due Dates
Fall - September 31st
Winter - December 31st
Spring - March 31st
Summer - June 31st

Arete Publication Dates
Fall Issue– November 1st

Winter Issue– February 1st
Spring Issue – May 1st
Summer Issue – August 1st

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Sister Spotlight
Please nominate an active member for any social/spiritual/scholastic endeavors, projects, special accomplishments, service, mission work, etc.
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Wonders & Wisdom
Wonders and Wisdom is an advice/devotional column in the Arete newsletter.
Please submit any questions, requests for advice, and/or devotional suggestions from active members.
Share a Story
Please share any story ideas that you (or another active) would like to share!