Alpha Delta Chi seeks to provide Christian women's fellowship to our sisters, both active and alumnae, across the nation. We strive to strengthen the spiritual lives of our members and to be a testimony for Christ on each campus and in our daily lives. Here are what some of our sisters have to say:

what ADX means to Me

“ADX for me is Christ-centeredness, sisterhood, accountability, love, openness, awkwardness, surprises, iron sharpening iron, growth, change, forgiveness, laughter, memories, beauty, encouragement, lasting friendships."
Prudence, University of Southern California

"Through ADX, God has surrounded me with beautiful young women who have supported and encouraged me in so many ways and He has brought me to a greater longing for Him. I have changed so much for the better, and ADX has been a HUGE part of that and I am forever blessed because of it."
Emily, California State University, Long Beach

"Finding Alpha Delta Chi, and becoming a part of the re-chartering class for the Mu chapter was by far the biggest blessing of my college career...the other thing I have known from my first experience with Alpha Delta Chi, is that I always want it to be a part of my life. God has blessed me through Alpha Delta Chi in so many ways, and I have every intention of doing all that I can to bless other women’s lives through it as well."
Ana, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

"I was invited to recruitment at Alpha Delta Chi and pledged my first semester freshman year. I can honestly say that this group was the most formative in my walk with Christ. So many unique, intelligent and wonderful women seeking God, so many great late-night talks at the kitchen table, so many opportunities to serve and love and wrestle and walk in faith together.
Kirstin, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Since becoming a member almost two years ago, my life has changed in ways I've never imagined. I've grown not only as a person, but spiritually, and this wouldnt' have been possible without the love, support and encouragement I've received from my sisters. The journey hasn't been easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is! I'm so thankful for the time I've spent as an ADX sister, and wouldn't change one moment with them for the world, because I know these will be the fondest memories of my college career when I look back on my journey."
Megan, University of Alabama

“It's a community that supports a healthy, Christ-centered lifestyle. We know how to party and dig into the word of God.”
Rebekah, University of Southern California

"God has totally blessed me with a group of Christian sisters that are there for me all the time, and let me be there for them too. They build me up in Christ. I am continually reminded of how wonderful it is to be unique individuals working as a whole, and I see God's love & grace through these girls constantly."
Megan, California State University, Long Beach

"Coming to Alpha Delta Chi at the beginning of my freshmen year, I had no idea the extent that this sisterhood would grow and shape me--not only as a professional woman, but as a true woman of God.
Nicole, Georgia Institute of Technology