The purposes of Alpha Delta Chi are to strengthen the spiritual lives and testimonies of the members of the national body resulting in service and outreach to others, to promote higher scholastic standards among the members of the national body, and to provide social fellowship among the university students living the Christian life and active in Christ's service. If you feel that this is a perfect fit then we encourage you consider joining us!

Our members join through the recruitment process at schools with existing chapters. Each chapter has its own dates and registration procedures for recruiting new members. To find out more, or to contact the chapter located at your university head over to our chapter locations page and click on the website link under the chapter name.

Don't have a chapter at your university and want more information on how to start a chapter? Go to our Start a Chapter page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is approximately a week-long process in which you spend a couple of hours with the active sisters each evening to see if Alpha Delta Chi is the right fit for you. At the end of the week, if the body feels confident that you are a good fit for Alpha Delta Chi, the chapter will offer you a bid.

What is a bid?

A bid is a personal invitation to pledge Alpha Delta Chi.

What is Being a New Member?

Being a new member is a "trial membership" that will give the body time to get to know you and give you time to get to know the body. It does not guarantee membership and it does not obligate you to join. If at the end of the new member period you have completed all the requirements and would still like to become a member, you will become an official member of Alpha Delta Chi! The new member period is typically one semester or one quarter depending on the chapter's university schedule.

What are the time commitments?

Active members as well as new members have to be prepared to commit to a certain amount of time throughout the semester to Alpha Delta Chi. Each chapter holds meetings one night a week. There are also a few mandatory events during the semester such as fundraising events and retreats. The chapter will try to work with everyone's schedules, but please consider joining Alpha Delta Chi a serious commitment.

What are the monetary commitments?

Dues for each semester can vary. However, they are usually lower than dues for nationally panhellenic chapters. Dues cover a variety of items including national board dues, insurance, t-shirts, and most activities & events that occur during the semester.

Do I need recommendations to participate?

No, chapters of Alpha Delta Chi do not require alumni or mentor recommendations to participate in recruitment. However, some chapters do accept recommendations if you choose to provide them; it's best to look at the recruitment webpage of the chapter you are interested in joining. You can access each chapter's webpage via our Chapter Locations page.