The national board of Alpha Delta Chi serves on a volunteer basis and is split into two main sectors. The first sector, the board, serves to logistically run the body while the second sector, the advisors, serve as a direct contact to each chapter.

Commitment varies based on role; however, all members are required to attend monthly board meetings (held via conference call) and must attend national convention or leadership conference, which alternate each year.

We ask that national board members adhere to the thirteen (13) membership requirements and are at least two (2) years removed from active sisterhood.

If becoming a member of national board is something that you are interested in please read through the open position descriptions and fill out the form below; from there, a representative will be in touch with you. You can send questions directly to


Open Positions

Arete co-Chair

The Arete Co-Chair is responsible for the quarterly publication of The Arete online newsletter. They report directly to the Communications Chair and work closely with their co-chair.


  • Sourcing of content about sisters, chapters, or the national body.
  • Collaboration with the Communications Chair to write the stories.
  • Collaboration with the Social Media Chair to advertise content and encourage readership.
  • Cultivation of the subscription list.
  • Attendance on monthly national board conference calls.

Jr. Advisor

Chapters are consistently looking for Jr. Advisors to assist with chapter advisor duties. Jr. Advisors report directly to the advisors of the chapters that they represent and the Chapter Liaison.


  • Active communication with the chapter advisor.
  • Attendance at active chapter meetings once per month.
  • Attendance on monthly national board and advisor conference calls.

National Board Officer Inquiry Form

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Please select which chapter you were a part of while active.
Please select which position you would like to apply for.
Please write 1-2 sentences explaining why you would like to be a part of national board and your current time commitments (i.e. job, church, etc.).