Mission Scholarships

The national board of Alpha Delta Chi supports the philanthropic Christian work of actives and alumnae via mission trips and distributes scholarships on an annual basis to active or alumna sisters who will be going on local, national, or international mission trips from our allocated tithe.

Mission scholarships are distributed during the spring semester or third quarter; they can be awarded retroactively for sisters who have completed spring break mission trips or short term mission trips. If you have questions about mission scholarships please reach out to info@alphadeltachi.org.

Mission Scholarship Application

This application is open to any Alpha Delta Chi active or alumna who would like to receive Alpha Delta Chi National Board tithe funds. National Board will vote on the most qualified purposes to grant the tithe per year. Please fill out this application to the best of your ability.

The deadline for submission is Saturday, April 1st, 2017.

All funds will be given by Thursday, June 1st, 2017. Funds can be granted retro-actively for spring break trips.

Name *
Church Where You are an Active Member
Organization for Which You Will be Doing Missionary/Service Work
Time Period You will be Doing Missionary/Service Work
Amount Needed for Funding
Organization the Funds Will Go To
Funding Mailed To
Funding Mailed To
Organization Mailing Address
Final Date Funding Must be Received
Final Date Funding Must be Received
Please explain what your purpose is in serving God on this trip and why you are requesting to receive Alpha Delta Chi National Board tithe funds.


Education Scholarships

Education scholarships are awarded at the chapter level. Please contact your chapter president or advisor to see what is available for your chapter.